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Analysis of Conveyor Properties (I)


I. Overview The tile conveyor belt is an important accessory installed on the double-sided machine of the corrugated cardboard production line. Its main functions are:
(1), transport cardboard;
(2) Conduction pressure; The linear pressure of the gravity roller is converted to a plane pressure conduction board through the belt surface to supply the required adhesion force when the glueed multi-layer single-faced corrugated cardboard is bonded to the inner paper and the face paper. ;
(3) Insulation and moisture release: The bonding and drying of the cardboard during the transfer process, while the temperature maintained by the conveyor belt itself corresponds to the temperature compensation on the cardboard. The corn starch adhesive between the corrugated cardboard layers can be evenly gelatinized, and the moisture is quickly dispersed through the interstices to ensure the uniform and optimal drying effect on the upper and lower sides of the paperboard.
The quality of the conveyor belt is one of the important factors affecting the intrinsic and surface quality of the corrugated board. The adhesion, compounding, drying effect and surface quality (such as peel strength, moisture content, stiffness, flatness, etc.) of the coated single-sided corrugated cardboard on the double-sided machine are closely related to the conveyor belt. The quality of the inside and outside of the conveyor belt is also related to whether the production process can be carried out smoothly. Once the conveyor belt has a major problem (such as breakage, distortion, left and right deviation, etc.), it will inevitably lead to the shutdown of the county and production interruption. Therefore, industry users place great importance on the accessory products of tile conveyor belts.
Second, tile line special driving special performance 1, solidity: conveyor belt in the production and operation process, continuous bear, resist, overcome many high-strength stress and related factors:
(1) Pressure load (gravity roller pressure system exerts pressure on the conveyor belt);
(2) Friction, which is the high friction between the conveyor belt and the cardboard and the friction between the pressure system (gravity roll) and the conveyor belt;
(3) Tension, also known as transmission force, in view of the compaction friction between various materials such as gravity rollers, conveyor belts, cardboard, and heating plates, the running tension of the conveyor belt must overcome the movement of the cardboard and the conveyor belt and the pressure system and the other side of the conveyor belt. Friction and high friction generate high tension (as shown in the picture) The friction between the conveyor belt and the cardboard will produce a tension of 3000 kg. When the friction coefficient of the conveyor belt is 0.42 ,, a pressure load of nearly three times the tension (that is, 9000 kg) is required. The higher the pressure load, the higher the frictional resistance between the conveyor belt and the pressure system. The pressure system should be applied to the conveyor belt with a certain pressure to generate enough adhesion to avoid slipping with the cardboard. Therefore, the tensile strength of the conveyor belt is extremely high.
(4) Temperature, Humidity: The surface temperature of the heating plate (usually 170°C). Through the cardboard conduction to the conveyor belt, so the conveyor belt itself maintains a temperature of about 70 °C, the belt itself is still operating under a certain degree of humidity.
In summary, the special conveyor belts for tile lines are operated under severe conditions that continuously withstand pressure, tension, friction, temperature, humidity, and many other impaired factors. To achieve ideal durability and high service life, they must have poles. Excellent compression, Kangla, wear, heat, corrosion resistance and other unique properties to ensure that the conveyor belt is strong.
Fuli brand tile line dedicated conveyor belt (woven belt) is the use of imported high-strength high-quality fiber, a reasonable ratio, with its unique point weaving process and stereotypes processing and production of multi-layer single-weft fabric. With its 605-705kg/m2 belt weight, 8-10mm belt thickness, 5.23-6.31kg/mm2 tensile strength, and with heat-resistant 130 °C (COT) ~ 245 °C (PET) high temperature performance.
The firmness of Fuli brand conveyor belt is reflected in the fact that the belt body is not water edge, lint-free, peeling layer, non-distorted, vertical and horizontal, flat surface, and firm joint (stainless steel hook connection, closed joint, spiral connection on both sides of the interface. Buckle) At a speed of 150 meters per minute, the service life can reach more than 12,000 hours. With a high temperature resistant Pythaura aromatic fiber armored tape, the service life can be up to 30,000 hours.
2. Flexibility: The conveyor belt installed on the double-sided machine realizes the transmission through the winding connection with several roller parts with different diameters. Such as double-sided machine front and rear drive roller, corner pressure roller, tension roller, polarization roller, support guide roller and so on. As for the conveyor belt, these roller parts have different functions of driving operation, adjusting tension, stroke correction, support guide and the like. The conveyor belt passes through the above-mentioned roller members, and its entire stroke is a multi-winding and bending operation path. This requires that the conveyor belt must have the necessary flexibility while being firm, so as to adapt to the close fit of various roller shaft members.

we have belt conveyors consist of standard parts, which are advanced and simple in structure, easy to maintain. Our belt conveyor equipment is is widely used in different industry to transfer sandy or lump materials, or packaged materials. According to different transferring equipment, the transfer system can be one alone or multi-conveyors or combined with other transfer equipment or packing machine, printing and coding machine. The belt conveyor can be installed horizontally or to meet the needs of different transfer lines.

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